PAM AWARDS 2017 for Excellence in Architecture 

An original representation of home, built to the land’s unique shape; designed for space, sustainability and comfort, crafted with a blend of materials for warm aesthetic, practicality and security.

The design approach was inspired by the petite size of the parcel – creating an intimate enclave of greens and space to bring family and community together. The idea was to build homes but in a refreshed manner – spread family life from the expanses within to the outside with the back of home opening into linear gardens.

Going against the conventional terrace home layout of having the living room next to the car porch, the living and dining come together seamlessly in shared spaces before extending outdoors into the back garden, encouraging lively family interaction and activities.

Due to the shape of the land, each terrace row is deliberately slender in length but given a broader depth of living space measuring 9600mm, accommodating up to three parking spaces. The house facade acts as a framing feature giving home a beautiful aesthetic and warmth of character. Using various materials from glass to aluminium to paint, each floor is designed to bring in natural light and ventilation yet affording privacy and security.

Other key features like the high pitched roof and aluminium louvres wrapped around the 1st floor balcony shields its interior from the weather but at the same time embraces nature. Abundant green surroundings provide sun-shading that converts heat into oxygen, improving the air quality.

A big challenge was the land’s petite size and odd shape. So, the number of units was reduced and each row staggered to maximise ventilation and natural lighting. Large glass doors and balconies were also incorporated to open home to nature.

Inside and outside, comfort and space is prioritised. Outside home, the smaller acreage and shape is mitigated through the use of gardens and the clean lines of the houses’ facade, e.g. aesthetically pleasing yet cost effective aluminium fins emulate timber louvres, providing an intimate and private yet open space with the added benefit of a fashionable security grille. Within, the shorter length of home is compensated with a broader living space, tall ceilings and an additional dedicated family room on the 2nd floor.

Whilst the house looks different, more stylised compared to the stereotypical terrace home, the architectural solutions incorporated are practical, all the while ensuring modern family and natural life are compatible with each other. Built with a north-south orientation, this distinct abode features large glass windows, sliding doors and balconies that create a visual and physical connection to its environs, opening it easily into nature, blurring the demarcation between inside and outside.

Linear gardens, bicycle paths and landscaping invite a wholesome lifestyle that incorporates healthy living whilst providing safe haven for children to play and adults to gather.

KLGCC International Gallery

PAM AWARDS 2017 for Excellence in Architecture
A statement piece on the pristine lawns of one of Asia’s best golf courses, TPC Kuala Lumpur. Through the sensitive use of building materials, the KLGCC International Gallery carries a dynamic quality that allows it to breathe and blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

At first sight, visitors will notice that the Gallery boasts an engaging resort real estate theme, starting with a dramatic vent block pattern facade wall relaxed by the striking form of a glass roof canopy at the Gallery’s drop off.

In lieu of the monotony from a solid or brick wall, the vent block facade wall provides a contrasting tapestry of depth and translucence, giving the Gallery a ‘light’ feeling or the illusion of ‘floating’. And as visitors move inwards, a resort-ish corridor shelters visitors with an artsy display of light and shade created by the aluminium fins overlaying the same glass roof canopy above. This unique L-shaped glass roof canopy wraps itself around the Gallery guiding visitors from entry point to the end which overlooks the golf course greens.

A sensible palette of materials, requiring minimal maintenance and finishes – from aluminum fins to concrete vent blocks – are used liberally to create this grand yet intimate space.

The standout element is its double volume glass curtain walls and column-less open plan floor space. The double volume glass curtain walls animate the building, exposing its three (3) ‘floating’ meeting rooms within and engaging visitors on all levels; whilst the open plan layout provides flexibility, from managing flow of guests between areas to ever-changing displays, marketing functions and working space for the project teams.

To ensure sustainability and cost-efficiency, the Gallery was built with a dual-usage purpose. It will in the future serve as a multi-purpose hall for KLGCC’s Parcel D high-rise residential development.

Presently, it houses all their newly launched development displays as well as the marketing show unit in the Annexe Building. To complete its appeal, it houses exclusive/inclusive lounging and entertainment areas as well as a commercially viable F&B outlet. This is complemented by the lawn area outside which is ideal for launch events and garden parties.

A showcase of its development essence, the Gallery was designed to sit on, and exploit its gently sloping site. Variation in the ground level breaks into three (3) floors that encompasses everything from meeting rooms to show units and the F&B outlet.

The Gallery’s design and use of different materials is to ensure continuity with the environment and maximum visual impact of the golf course on the horizon.

Of special note is use of the decorative vent block facade interspersed with glass. Not only does it save energy by maximising natural light and ventilation within, it (1) creatively breaks the traditional showroom glass wall facade, affording a screen for private areas e.g the project team’s working space without blocking their external view (i.e achieving the same “outside in and inside out” concept of floor-to-ceiling glass walls); and (2) allows for indoor gardens and landscaping which adds to the Gallery’s distinctiveness.

Best Public Services Development (Malaysia)

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, I&P group have built an Impressive public library in Bukit Damansara. The Bukit Damansara Public Library was built at a cost of RM 6.2 million on 17,000 square feet of prime land. The double – storey building contains more than 10,000 books and is equipped with disable parking, ramps and lift to enable easy access for all. Designed with high ceilings and windows and an open, generous seating layout, its architecture blends in with the classic British – influenced buildings in the exclusive locale of Klang Valley (World’s Best 2014 -2015)

Bus Depot @ Putrajaya

PAM Architectural Steel Awards 2007 – Winner

First Prize Competition Award